about terrance lindall's paradise lost


"Somewhere in your reading of Lindall’s synopsis, during your fourth or perhaps even your first, you will realize how important the synopsis is to your understanding and appreciation of Milton’s epic.  Worry not about when this might happen, the explosion of all that is unique about what you are reading and the illustrations you are viewing will most certainly occur and along with it the appreciation you never expected to feel toward Lindall for helping you appreciate Milton’s great epic in an exciting and fresh way and without the use of commentary or critical study, which will come later in your study of Milton.” Robert J Wickenheiser, 19th President of St. Bonaventure University


“I plead guilty to being a fan of Terrance Lindall's illustrations--I guess that's pretty obvious to those who've seen his work on the cover of the Modern Library Milton. Plate 3 [22] in particular rocks my world, as a surfer friend of mine is wont to say.” Professor John Rumrich, Thaman Professor of English at the University of Texas at Austin

On Lindall's September 2008 Paradise Lost Festival at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center: “The exhibit and programs promise to be a diverse collection of multiple perspectives and strategies that should engage the audience you hope to reach." Wendy Woon, the Edward John Noble Foundation Deputy Director for Education of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

" Lindall's image (on the cover of Random House’s 2008 Essential Milton) is, of course, the star. It seems to me at once unmistakably modern and yet just as unmistakably archaic: exactly the doubleness I was hoping for on our cover." William Kerrigan, former president of the Milton Society of America and recipient of its award for lifetime achievement, 2007

"Radical artist and nonconformist Terrance Lindall has channeled Milton’s spirit into a modern context, in a provocative series of illustrations to Paradise Lost. His visual celebration of Milton reveals his remarkable affinity for the radical English poet, and his ability to create a fitting tribute to Milton’s enduring influence in the arts." Professor Karen Karbiener, New York University, 2007

"Terrance Lindall’s fanciful illustrations are bound to arouse response & provoke thought in the may persons interested in Paradise Lost & its subjects & in surreal illustration generally" --Professor Thomas Clayton, University of Minnesota Department of English

"It is nice to know there is a latter day Bosch around" -- Dr. Leo Steinberg, Art Critic

"The high water mark in the Golden Age of this uniquely American Art form." -- James Kalm, NY Arts Magazine

"...eerie, magical, dreamlike, devastating, jarring...Lindall's illustrative style is magnificent!" -- Julie Simmons, Editor in Chief, Heavy Metal Magazine, 1980

"Lindall's use of color & detail to achieve effect, his dramatic compositions, but most of all his totally unique vision make him a new wave artist to be reckoned with." -- Louise Jones (now Louise Simonson), Senior Editor, Warren Communications 1980

"Lindall's striking and unique visionary fantasy art is breaking new ground in the field" --David Hartwell, Senior Editor POCKET BOOKS, Simon & Schuster 1980

"My reward for the purchase of a Lindall masterwork has been a cover that draws raves. It is a very valuable addition to my collection of fine art." -- Stuart David Schiff, winner of the Hugo Award and twice winner of the World Fantasy Award & editor of the acclaimed WHISPERS anthologies